Look for Your Ballot in the mail and VOTE : One Member •One Vote •One Slate in this upcoming SSEU 371 election

Use Your Vote ! Make It Count !
Our mission is to advocate for you !
1. Wages that members can afford to live on, based on the economy's inflation rate.
2. negotiate fair contracts,
3. remote work options.
4. Strengthen the Union and members work location relationships.
5. Rotating union staff so all member skills can strengthen in the preservation of the union mission.

The Candidates that will make the difference:

Sandra Rivera

Caroline Hernandez
Executive Vice President

Tiecha Merritt
Secretary Treasurer

Thalia Newman
Negotiations and Research

Brigette Browning
Vice President Grievance
and Legal Services

Jervine Samuel
Vice President Education
and Organization

Sabrina Shephard
Vice President Publicity Community

Avon Wilson Pinckney
Vice President Political Action and Legislation