ADK Mobile Nurse Services


ADK Mobile Nurse Services is one that brings to you the support you feel you need in achieving and maintaining your health and wellness. Powered by HYDREIGHT (R) - ADK MNS can administer several IV formulas that help from battling the nasty migraine to helping muscles recover after a big work out, and many other reasons in between. See the menu for these and feel free to call, text, or email with any questions.
ADK MNS will also help you navigate through the health care system in the event of some confusing diagnosis or information that you just need a little help or support to manage.
Community members and fellow nurses alike may choose to enjoy the benefits of Reiki and other Healing Energy Works.

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ADK Hydration $99
ADK Meyer's $175
ADK Athlete Recovery $199
ADK Youthful Beauty $160
ADK Immunity Boost $160
ADK Detox $160
ADK Energy Boost $160
ADK Liquid Lipo $199
ADK Migraine Buster $160
ADK Prenatal Boost $160
Add Ons / Boosters Available - Talk to your hydration specialist today
REIKI 30 min. $50
REIKI 60 min $75
Nurse Advocacy $90 / HR
Fellow Nurse Support Servives - call for more info

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Lisa Murphy RN

Owner / Operator

Lisa has been a nurse in this community for over 20 years, working in local hositals and other healthcare facilties. She has ICU, ER, and Operating Room experience along with many years of Administrative experience. Lisa grew up here in the Adirondacks and is looking forward to this new venture to support her neighbors where they live, work, and play.