Semi-Permanent Make up is NOT recommended for clients with the following conditions:
🌸 Pregnant or nursing
🌸Botox or derma fillers on or around the enhancement area within the last month
🌸Taken accutane in the past year & your skin has not regulated
🌸 Diabetic (must be controlled & approved by your doctor)
🌸Autoimmune Disorders (must have doctor consent form)
🌸Chemotherapy in the past year
🌸 Contagious diseases & viral infections
🌸 Epileptic/prone to seizures
🌸 Within 3 weeks of chemical peel, must be fully healed prior to appointment.
🌸Active sunburn or frostbite
🌸Current use of products with ingredients such as Alpha or beta hydroxy acids(Retin-A products) Must discontinue use at least 14 days before appointment
🌸Use of blood thinners or blood pressure medications
🌸History of keloids
🌸Allergies to metals(iron, nickel) 🌸LOCATED IN COVINA CA.

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