Coach Layden

Founder & CEO

Change your pace of play. Become technical and more efficient with simple touches and encouraging coaching

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Chris Layden

Head Coach and Lead Instructor

With 40+ years of soccer experience. I am happy to bring my knowledge to the youth game. I have played this beautiful game for over 40 years from my youth days, through my career in the military and into 2022 with a men's team that remains competitive.

I have been coaching for over 10 years from early rec into my current stage as a Head Coach for a high school team as well as several teams within a local travel club.

My joy is teaching young players how to believe in themselves and to help them build that confidence to do what they thought was unattainable.

I am only successful if the player looks at a miss, a failure or a stumble as an opportunity to learn, rebuild and conquer.

I happy to have you aboard my squad and remember, that there is only one basic way to get better.

"Change the pace of your play"

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