Cody R. Both

MLA Candidate ED: 57

My Story:
Born to separated parents, I grew up between Manyberries and Medicine Hat, went to AJHS while the Fire/Name change happened.
Went to Irvine School later on, after my Father built his house and moved us to Dunmore when I was about 13.

Went to EBHS, and created memories and connections I only hope last my entire lifetime, and I will always be grateful for them.

I had my Son at 21, as a "rough around the edges" youth. Started my IT Career the same time, as a JR. Data Tech at the Medicine Hat Hospital.

Eventually, after a few jobs in leadership, management and Technical repair, I took a chance at becoming a self-taught Entrepreneur.

2020 was a crazy time.. Coven Tech was born from me losing my Job due to the Covid Mandates.

A silver lining to the madness, and I grew from a home based business, to my own independent shop, voted 3rd best in Medicine Hat in the category of Computer Repair Services for 2022 in the "Community Votes" contest.

Unfortunately... I had to step away from Coven in Nov. 2022.. many tragedies seemed to happen at once, and I became quite burnt out and overstretched my personal limits every day.
This ended up resulting in my social reclusion for several months until this spring of 2023.

And now currently I live happily, as a father, A business owner, A prarie boy, and an IT / Cyber Security specialist, attending online college level courses for ethical hacking and cyber security for businesses and/or personal online safety..
Ensuring the future of Coven, and Our ability to protect you from the ever rapidly expanding world that is the Internet.

And as of May 11th, 2023..
I have become a fully Endorsed Candidate for the Independence Party, representing them and Medicine Hat / Cypress in the upcoming Provincial Election on May 29th, 2023, Hoping for the position and honor of MLA for the constituency 57: Cypress-Medicine Hat. Taking the former Position of MLA Drew Barnes, who is the father of one of my childhood friends in Jr Highschool!

I spent alot of time at their lovely home, before MLA Drew Barnes became who he is today... I looked up to him!

Now I am looking to carry on the initial vision I believe he was trying to carry out in the beginning of his political career..

To help Alberta reach its full potential. Economically, Socially, remaining Healthy and Well, and advancing into the future as a collective. Efficiently and Ethically.

I spend my time talking with everyone I meet while I voulenteer around the city, helping those who truly need it, and hearing those who everyone seems to not feel like nobody else will listen.

I have learned so much, and I have a firey desire, and intense will to change this world, country, province, and city.

A Better Future for our children is DEMANDED. I will help you reach that dream of having hope again.. since it is in short supply, I will continue lending it out for free.

Contact us, please, if you would like to assist in the Medicine Hat Area to voulenteer and assist in connecting the community, and getting those unspoken voices heard, and help to inspire those who have less hope for this world and its future.

A vote for Me ( Cody R. Both) is truly one I HOPE you believe me, when I say it has integrity.

I am only doing this for the Province of Alberta, the homeland I love, and every soul who inhabits it.

Call me Crazy, but Crazy can change the world.. we need a change and we both know it..