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My name is Brandon Garcia and I am the founder o"Coordinations" Conservatorship Service. As a conservator appointed by the Court, you have been given a huge responsibility which can be very daunting. You face various challenges such as keeping the conservatee safe and healthy, finding quality resources, managing the home environment and dealing with the finances. Let alone understanding court procedures, interviews with the court investigator and other tasks. "Coordinations" is here to help you. I am familiar with the challenges conservators and non-conservators face when caring for an elder person. I am a retired court investigator of 16 years and I am passionate about helping potential conservators and those who have been appointed by the court with their cases, I want to partner with you to make the conservaatorship as easy as possible and help you find the resources you need to provide the best and quality care that your loved one deserves.

Some of the services I can provide includes:

-Developing a Care/ Service Plan
- Find quality resources
- Help Establish Services for loved one.
- Monitor Cases
-Care and Safety checks
- set up in home meal services
- Quarterly Reviews
- Transportation Coordination
-Transition and Moving Coordination
-Court Review Preparation
- Home safety evaluations
- Emergency Services
- Financial Review/ check up

-Community Outreach:
- If your organization is in need of a guest presenter on understanding the conservatorship process, please feel free to contact me

I also provide the same services for non- conservatorship matters.

For a free consultation, please give me a call or send me an email from the information provided on this site. Thank you and I look forward to partnering with you!