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DKreations has been an idea since 2009 when I began wood carving accent stools with eclectic, unique designs and churning out canvas paintings for myself, family and friends.

I’m now taking orders for YOUR ideas. Simply provide some ideas/images or words associated with the design or art you want and I’ll create the work.

I sell art of all kinds. You name it and I’ll make it. Prints. Portrait painting or sketches. Canvas. Framed work. Woodwork. Accent piece home decor. Clothing. mugs. sneakers. mousepads. Etc. Party favors for any event.

Larger wood furniture such as end tables, coffee tables or dining tables by request and quoted with time frame and price.

You want it; I’ll make it.
You’re the visionary; I’m the artist.

Contact me with your ideas and I’ll make them a reality!

Whether it’s an epoxy resin custom designed table, a patch of baby shower favors, a portrait painting, an order of custom made T-shirts or customized sneakers. DKreations is here to CREATE based on your specific needs.

All creations made by Danielle Kover