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About Entitlement Pro LDC LLC

Why Choose Entitlement Pro?
• Are you Result Driven and want to Develop Land successfully to your business plan?

Did you know it takes anywhere from 12-24 months to get through the Entitlements process in Florida?
• Even longer in some instances we can work with any municipality, coordinate, meet and keep everyone on track (from DD, working alongside Land use attorneys, your select engineering and planning team) to get you to the finish line and get that shovel into the ground!

Let us help you get there successfully with the knowledge and experience gained over the years.

Whether its re-development or brand new, commercial or residential. The goal is to achieve the best practices as an Entitlements Professional for ultimate results in accordance with regulatory and compliance requirements that get you the desired development result. Reach out to us today! This small business can give one-on-one attention, while keeping you informed every step. Focusing on your project as needed to get through the many hurdles it takes to achieve your timelines!

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Let's Find the right package for your entitlement needs
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