Home of the EzyM8 Tackletub

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1. Lightweight design – Just load up your fishing equipment on the bucket and no need to carry anything
2. Integrated storage compartments for tackle, keeping everything organized and easily accessible.
3. Waterproof cover that ensures the bucket can withstand the rigors of outdoor activities. This waterproof cover can be washed in the washing machine! Waterproof cover can be removed and inserted on a standard bucket in the event the bucket is damaged
4. Built-in rod holders on the front of the bucket, providing a secure place to rest your fishing rods when not in use. Hooks on the bucket to place your keys for easy access
5. Additional compartments for storing beverages, snacks, and other essentials, ensuring you have everything you need within reach, including a water bottle holder on the bucket.
6. A seat on the top of the bucket saving the need for carrying a chair – Its on top of your bucket!
7. Back pack strap to put it comfortably on your back while walking to your favourite fishing or camping spot
8. Bucket is for multipurpose use and can be used for fishing, boating, camping and Kayaking!