Federal Business Institute (FBI) proudly serves as the authorized small business reseller of Sysco Corporation's globally renowned foodservice distribution capabilities. With a commitment to excellence, FBI provides small businesses with access to a diverse range of high-quality food and related products, kitchen supplies, and equipment, ensuring they can thrive in the competitive marketplace.

Core Competencies:

Food Distribution Expertise: FBI brings Sysco's exceptional food distribution expertise to small businesses, offering a comprehensive array of fresh and frozen foods, beverages, and culinary essentials. Our collaboration ensures a reliable supply chain, providing culinary professionals access to premium products.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio: As an authorized reseller, FBI extends Sysco's commitment to quality, offering small businesses a product range that includes fresh produce, proteins, kitchen supplies, and cutting-edge equipment. Our dedication ensures that clients receive products meeting the highest industry standards.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs: Recognizing the unique requirements of small businesses, FBI, as an authorized reseller, tailors Sysco's solutions for various sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, and education. This adaptability underscores our commitment to meeting the diverse demands of our small business clients.

Innovative Technology and Logistics: Leveraging Sysco's cutting-edge technology and logistics systems, FBI streamlines operations for small businesses. Our commitment to innovation ensures efficiency in order processing, delivery, and overall supply chain management, fostering growth for our small business clients.

NAICS Codes:

311812 – Commercial Bakeries
311999 – All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing
311421 – Fruit and Vegetable Canning
722310 – Food Service Contractors
Key Offerings:

Food Distribution Services: FBI, as an authorized small business reseller, is the go-to partner for small businesses seeking a reliable source of high-quality food products. Our offerings include fresh produce, meats, seafood, dairy, and specialty items.

Kitchen Supplies and Equipment: Beyond food, FBI provides small businesses with access to Sysco's comprehensive selection of kitchen supplies and equipment. This ensures our clients have the tools needed to run efficient and well-equipped culinary operations.

Customized Culinary Solutions: Our culinary experts collaborate with small business clients to create tailored solutions, including menu development, recipe ideation, and product recommendations. These solutions enhance culinary offerings and meet specific business objectives.

Industry-Leading Sustainability Practices: FBI, in collaboration with Sysco, is committed to sustainable and responsible sourcing practices. Our dedication to environmental responsibility extends to packaging, waste reduction, and energy efficiency, aligning with the values of our small business clients.

In summary, FBI serves as the authorized small business reseller of Sysco products and services, bringing food distribution expertise, a comprehensive product portfolio, tailored solutions, and innovative practices to empower small businesses in the foodservice industry. Our commitment is to facilitate the growth and success of small businesses through access to Sysco's industry-leading capabilities.