VISION: The vision of Girls Impact Girls is to improve the living conditions of young girls and women whose rights are constantly been violated in society.

Girls Impact Girls Food Items Distribution

OVERVIEW: Education is the most important step to opening up opportunities for young girls and women in Liberia. It is the most critical investment and is very empowering. The Women Empowerment Program states that; Without education or income, women are extremely vulnerable to poverty, abuse and gender-based violence. Girls Impact Girls is working closely with young girls and women making them to fully Discover, Develop and put into practice their best and talents given to them by God. Girls Impact Girls provide skills training and livelihood support.

STAFFS: Girls Mobilization Team

OBJECTIVE: The objectives of Girls Impact Girls are as follows:
1. Obtain a building to establish life skills training program for young girls and women
2. Hire potential staff to mobilize the target group.
3. Reach out to potential partners to include; INGO, Government, Civil Society Group or Key personalities to help support the program intervention.
4. Provide a startup package to girls or candidates who complete the length of the training session.
5. Train Girls how to practice good saving habits and link them to any Loan institutions to access small loans for business.

Girls impact Girls's image
Girls impact Girls's image