Located in the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY

Providing full butcher and processing services for your wild game needs. Onsite walk-in cooler ensures freshness.

Deer Pricing:
Basic Cut- $125.00 (inc vacuum packing)
steaks, roasts, loins, tenderloins, ground
Caping- $40.00
Shaved Sandwich Steaks- included upon request
Shanks- included upon request
French Chops- $4.00/lb
Ground- included
With pork- $1.50/lb (for pork)
Ground Pattie’s- $1.00/lb
Ground Sliders- $1.00/lb
Sausage (sweet or hot) bulk- $2.00//lb
Sausage (sweet or hot) Ring- $2.50/lb
Sausage (sweet or hot) Link- $2.50/lb
Breakfast Sausage (sweet or hot) Patties- $2.00/lb

Sausage/Burger Options- $0.25/ add
- Roasted Red Pepper/ Mozzarella

Open October 1- January 8
Hours 8a-7p (call ahead for drop-off)


The team at HVWG have been butchering/processing wild game for over 30 years.

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