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Andy Schouller

Swim Coach

Let me introduce myself, my name is Andy Schouller I am born February 1992, father of 2 beautiful Kids and of course a swim addict.

I am a Swim Coach, studied in Luxemburg and Germany.

I have 5 years of experience.

It is very important especially as a father or a mother to protect our kids and keep them safe.
My job is it to get your kids safe in the Water.

Learning to swim can open a world of opportunity for your little one. The lessons learned during swim lessons can benefit your child for her or his entire life. These lessons can also be lifesaving. Kids who take formal swim lessons have an 88% less chance of drowning. They’re also more likely to establish a healthy relationship with exercise and fitness.

Safety is a parent’s top priority, but kids who learn to swim at a young age enjoy many other benefits, including superior mental and physical health. The following are 10 benefits of swimming for kids.

1. Safety
2. Superior Muscle Development
3. A healthier heart
4. A lifelong love of exercise
5. Better sleep
6. Superior Mental Health
7. Increased confidence
8. Better cognitive function
9. Improved coordination and balance
10. Superior Social Skills