Every product is made in memory of Levi Matthew VanDuser. He was a Micro-Preemle who was born on November 2, 2021, at 23 weeks old. He fought hard his whole life to survive. He was a bright light. He showed God's miracle and love to everyone at the hospital and to all those who fell in love with him during his Life’s Journey. His family shared his journey on Facebook where he gained more than 13,000 followers from around the world. God performed many miracles in short, but amazing life.. At almost 9 months old, on July 25, 2022 Levi completed his journey here on earth and got his complete healing in heaven. Levi was such a bright light of joy and happiness even in the rough days. That's how we can up with the name Levi’s Lighthouse. He was such a bright beam of God’s love and joy. Just like the beams that are seen coming from a lighthouse. We promised him to keep his light shining bright and to tell the world about him, God's mercy, love and grace. Thank you for supporting our Family’s small business.

With every bar of soap purchased we will be donating a bar of soap to either a Homeless Ministry, Women’s Center, Children’s Hospital or Cancer Treatment Center.