Life Goes On

Hello everyone and welcome to Life Goes On LTD. We are a Non-Profit Organization that helps provide resources to the families of incarcerated individuals. Our purpose is to step in areas that the families have become disadvantaged or unstable due to the incarceration of a loved one. Our mission is to help more families that are usually destroyed behind a loved one being incarcerated for an exteneded amount of time. We provide resources such as; Transportation, food assistance, educational resources like tutoring, help finding and applying for financial assistance, mentoring, youth programs to help keep them busy and preparing for the future. Workshops teaching trades and economics. Credit education as well as budgeting.
We also have programs and resources for adults . Training to help with getting higher paying jobs and starting a career path. Financial education, legal education, tutoring, credit education, access to resources they can utilize to help them stay afloat until they adjust to the decrease in income they are now having to accept.
We accept donations to help us provide the assistance to the families!
If anyone is interested in donating please feel free to contact us, or if you want to stay anonymous then you can submit a donation with Cashapp
$lifegoesonltd. I will have other payment apps available soon!

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