- Carter Lake Neighbor

My husband and I have been enjoying the Carter Lake area for a long time - he grew up near devils backbone frequenting this area since childhood. He and I have been camping and boating here since we started dating. We were so fortunate to move here over 7 years ago - living in the place we previously could only visit on weekends and evenings. We love to watch all the visitors enjoy this amazing spot we are so blessed to live at.

We have been engaging and providing feedback on the Larimer County Parks Master Plan since we learned about it years ago. The feedback generally falls on deaf ears with the planners and rangers involved, as many of our neighbors have experienced as well. The latest update, now that they have received federal funding, is set for construction in 2025. It will materially change the use and beauty of the lake. They say it's for safety - but how it does anything beyond creating massive parking lots is not apparent. But they have millions in federal grant money to spend - so let's put in millions worth of pavement! They show videos of the few days a year that are super busy, but are not considering the impacts to the community. To be clear:

* They are eliminating parking at the big beloved swim beach that is so frequented by visitors. If you look it up on google reviews - people love it! And it's a nice size parking lot for the size of the beach.

* They are eliminating lovely lakefront camping spots in favor of 70 parking spots and day use at the northeast side. They want to push all the people from the current awesome swim beach down and all along the east shoreline / along the road

* They are putting in fences along this new day use area

* They are putting in 90 more paved parking spots across the street in the quarry area (right in front of the neighborhood)

* Adding bathrooms (ick the smell!) And those unsightly shelters, lights, and lighted cross walk

* Adding no wake zones to the east side of the lake and stopping boats from pulling up to the shore (making our small lake even less usable)

* Eliminating the current natural parking area along the road and adding signs on acceptable use

* Doing nothing about bicyclist safety

Not everyone will take issue with everything on the list. People who don't live here may like the idea of more parking, but probably don't realize what they are doing with the current swim beach area. People who live here likely do not want to see all this pavement, fencing and unnatural materials in our beautiful area. Either way, I am hoping the community at large and local neighbors will provide feedback to the county.


Let's do what we can to Keep Carter Lake Beautiful!

Not super straightforward, but about 3/4 down the website linked below is a red button with a link to join the forum and provide feedback.

More options to contact those involved with the county plans, email addresses below: