Welcome friends!

My name is Al, owner of Noah’s Art. I am a father to 3 beautiful children and married to an amazing wife. People who know me might say I am a “jack of all trades” but in all honesty, I just enjoy learning new things and how to do them. When I came across refurbishing furniture, I fell in love with the idea of bringing life into something old and worn out. I view my craft similar to as how I view people, some are worn out, depleted, scarred, and flawed but that doesn’t mean nobody cares about you. Every piece of furniture has a special place for that special someone.

With all my pieces, I make sure I put my time and love into every one. All items are cleaned, sanded and primed or stained with quality products to ensure the best finish. I then pick a color or stain, apply a couple coats with a sprayer, and finish with the appropriate top coat. Depending on my inventory of furniture (which is a lot) I often take custom orders, if you want a custom piece refinished, please feel free to contact me via email and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience! I hope you enjoy my page and can join me on this amazing journey.

You are loved,

The images below are all sold. I will have new inventory very soon as I am finishing up a clients piece, thank you for being patient with me and stay tuned!