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I started as a single mother to my son who was around 4 years old at the time. I was juggling three jobs within the restaurant industry, nightlife, and side gigs - doing as much as I could to provide a livable income and have my own place. I remember driving to and from daycare, tired all the time, and crying some nights. I finally said enough is enough! I set up a plan and set it into motion. Fast forward to some time later, my first WFH job was in 2020. I started with a state licensing position in the healthcare industry.. after attaining my goals within the given role, I then became a quality analyst. The next industry I went into was logistics for a tech company that prompted me to learn new essential skills, which included dispatching. Today, I am working in a new field regarding VA law - dealing with federal-level and state-level agencies. I now get to know the work that happens within a law firm and thus opened so many new doors with the new set of skills I’ve learned. Throughout my journey, the knowledge I learned in each position has helped strengthen my abilities to perform tasks and ultimately upscale my pay grade. With my guidance and expertise, I plan on helping others who require an uplifting strive toward success in the WFH industry.

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