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Absolutely the best self defense, firearms instructors out there. Our company isn’t like most who just want to get everyone to sign up for a pre determined date and just make money off of how many people they can get. Our company mission is to provide the absolute best training available, with more one on one learning. We can customize courses to fit your families individual needs of self protection based on what you want. It is a little more money to do a course with only 3 or so however contact Scott (cell listed on main page) for pricing. We certainly DO NOT do this for the money. Scott is all about helping his community and surrounding areas to train to NEVER be a victim and especially the safety of our young ones, we all have 3-4 kids ourselves and loved ones that they will NEVER be a victim. We do just about anything you can think of including but not limited to: basic firearms, firearms safety, hand to hand combat, all three of us instructors have extensive hand to hand combat skills, Scott was a black belt in Krav Maga which is Israeli Jiu Jiutsu, however he voluntarily dropped down to a yellow belt do to an accident that affected his health. Also more examples include medium level tactical operator, on up to high level tactical operator also in all of our courses Scott likes to take his experience in emergency medicine and train you how to treat a gunshot/edged weapons trauma, he utilized his many years as a master tactical operator on a metro SWAT team, serving as a team leader, SWAT medic, our teams less lethal instructor on all less lethal disciplines, he also was a certified breacher, including explosives, if we needed to get into somewhere/anywhere he would make it happen. He retired from Law Enforcement in 2011 where he immediately went into high level security and then went to work for the Department of Homeland Security up until after his accident that made him disabled in 2019. He has continued his trade and skills with a friend/former coworker. And then he gathered his dream team up and started Rocky Mountain Training Services and beyond LLC. We are licensed in Utah and Idaho. We also train some of the smaller Police agencies in South Eastern Idaho.
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Please consider helping our heroes in our military through Raptor Ranch a non profit organization sending our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coasties. Raptor Ranch provides them a retreat in the mountains of Northern Utah. We are lucky to have the founder of RR as part of our staff, he has 20 years of service, starting out in artillery, he quickly rose through the ranks and as soon as was able (making it to the N.C.O ranks) he put in for Special Forces selection. Made it through selection, he then made it to the 18 series M.O.S (Special Forces, Green Beret) he deployed numerous times to Afghanistan and many to Iraq, and deployed to numerous other non combat missions. He was assigned to the 19th Special Forces Division Airborne. He done this while he was still a Deputy Sheriff/S.W.A.T team nember. So your money will go into helping our nations finest warriors as they transform into normal life after literally coming home from pure hell, thank you!