Safety proof security

Welcome to our business page!

Safety Proof Security is a privately owned and operated Security company serving in N Fl and Atlanta Ga Our company was established in 2016 the Chief had a vision of preventing citizens from becoming victims in which he established Safety Proof Security all of our officers have met the states requirements and are armed and licensed in Fl and Ga prior Military, Law enforcement ,and Security with 30 years of experience to our nation and to our local we continuously train to make sure we are ready for any crisis situation we are confident our future clients will be satisfied with our services based on our high standards alone in a work place we are safety proven officers and we are one phone call away.


These are some of the services we offer with guarentee customers service satisfaction

Body Guard Service-
Celebrity Escorts
Deaf and Blind Assistance
Attorney Protection
Personal Protection
VIP Escorts

Residential Security -
Mobile patrol and FootPatrol
Eviction protection
Loud noise control
Trespassing protection
Loitering Enforcement
Access Gate control
Daily/Incidents reports

Retail Stores-
Theft prevention
shrinkage reduction
Employee Termination Protection.
Slip and Fall prevention.
Out of control customers protection.
Dishonest Employees Asst.
CCTV monitoring.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to focus our attention to our customers by meeting there needs by providing them prompt professional security services the mission is to safeguard clients and there were work place so they can maintain their ability to generate profit and reduce liability.

Why are we the best ?

First and Foremost we are armed and licensed through out Fl and Ga all of our officers are prior military and law enforcement with over 30 years of experience we are also equipped with patrol vehicles which let's clients know the role and symbol of protection is on there property and that they are accommodated we also have prevented many of our clients from becoming victims and have received merits praise for it and with us you'll have eyes and ears to keep your guard and you will always be respected and we always prevent a tragedy before it happens so in conclusion with us you cant go wrong you can only gain from the best