Slayy & Gro

Slayy & Gro is an Organic Sweet Almond Essential Oil focused on assisting in hair growth, retention and overall nourishment. Its safe usage has many applications and we just can’t wait for everyone to be able to share in these amazing hair and skin benefits by natures blessings of course! Feel free to Slayy with my family, friends and of course myself with our unique potent blend of herbal oil also assisting in minimizing the appearance of scars to releasing tension in amazing temple or body massages our Organic Sweet Almond Essential Oil rejuvenates you. We’ve added 18 Vital Ayurvedic Herbs to help boost and maintain your hair stands while your on your healthier hair and skin journey. We’re especially in love with how much it nourishes your edge and hairline it’s really something to behold! Come Slayy & Gro with us where here your family.


Organic Sweet Almond Oil