Reiki Practitioner

Welcome ....
My name is Heidii; I always knew from a young age I was meant to help heal others, I love working and holding space to help people overcome their shadows; and to help inspire them to become the best version of themselves through self-care and self- love. Life is a beautiful journey, there is no right or wrong way to heal. We continually learn more about ourselves through time and the experiences we live each day. Healing is Not linear. I push to see people dig within oneself and live Authentically. The advice I can tell you ; even though you don't see it; the Universe/God is working in your favor. Energy is fluid; take the time you need to understand your emotions. My biggest advice is always keep your inner child. I'm here for you; Namaste!

I offer 30min & 60min Reiki Sessions as well as distance Reiki; Please contact me to schedule.


Always, Heidii