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Here are some residential averages to give you an idea. All rates include the Basic Package with options to add or remove select services. ***All Commercial Prospects must schedule a walk through in order to receive an accurate quote***

  • $150
    1BD Move-In/Move-Out (1 Time)
  • $175
    1BD Deep Clean (1 Time)
  • $200
    2BD Move-In/Move-Out (1 Time)
  • $225
    2BD Deep Clean (1 Time)
  • $100
    1BD Weekly Cleaning
  • $150
    2BD Weekly Cleaning
  • $175
    1BD Bi-Weekly Cleaning
  • $200
    2BD Bi-Weekly Cleaning
  • $50
    Add Window Cleaning
  • $75
    Add Laundry Services
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