Jane Zerabruk

Social Worker, Consultant, Notary Public and Counselor

Welcome to Life Transitions Notary and Counseling!

Offering Notary Services, consultation, and counseling in Washington State only.

Utilizing 15+ years in social work in more settings than I can count, I want to share my knowledge, training, and expertise in an one stop platform. My experiences range from supporting individuals with chronic or acute illness, children with emotional disregulation, individuals with anxiety, and relationship issues

It’s my core belief that our mental, emotional, and physical well being rely on our connection with others. It’s because of this belief, that I approach each person with sincerity and authenticity. You will find me to be warm, inviting, friendly and engaging. Atleast, that’s my goal and the feedback I receive :)

In my career, I started out working with families (parents and youth) within direct practice and then later mental health and healthcare in general. Now, I am providing therapy to people of all ages (actually ages 6 and up). I specialize in helping people find their measure of joy and peace. I especially find gratification comforting those grieving a loss; this can be a death, a separation or divorce, or even a major life change. Every one goes through life transitions and it's my belief that we do not have to go through them alone. Some life transitions change you, but you can decide how it changes you.

I am motivated to join you on your journey. As a professional, I can share the training I have learned and used to develop more balance and peace. No one is immune to adversity and trials but we can learn and practice more adaptive coping strategies and ways of processing thoughts and emotions that better serve us.

If you think you might not be ready for counseling but you want to talk to someone with the capacity to actively listen, take this as a push to take the first step. You don’t have to make any ongoing commitments simply contact me about my 25 minute consultations.

If you think you are ready for counseling check out my next page USHER Counseling. I offer a risk free full initial session to first time clients.

If you just want general notary services check out my Notary page.

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