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Valhalla Serenity Homestead LLC

Local Farm & Construction Company Supporting The Great State Of Oregon!

Valhalla Serenity Homestead was started in 2021 by Azzhaley Reynolds. As a member of the BIPOC community her goal was to open a farm where all are welcome. With the support of her now husband Sebastian, Azzhaley a.k.a Willow has achieved her dream! Opening Valhalla Serenity Homestead up to the local community, donating to those in need, and now founding NONI-NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF NON-INVASIVE PRACTICES she hopes to one day soon be able to provide affordable farm goods, training courses, and education to the BIPOC, Deaf, and disabled communities. Her husband Sebastian a Born Deaf individual supports his wife going as far as donating his, labor, time, and skills to help the Deaf community have access to the same information as the general public in ASL. Valhalla Serenity Homestead. Support local!

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