Valhalla Serenity Homestead LLC

Southern Oregon Farm & Oregon Based Construction Company

Valhalla = The hall of the Fallen
Serenity = The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

Valhalla Serenity Homestead
(The Homestead Where The Fallen Come To Find Peace)

Created in 2021 by Azzhaley Reynolds whose chosen name is Willow, and Sebastian.

There needed to be a safe, local, and equality based company within the Pacific Northwest for both hearing and deaf alike.

With the support of her now Husband Sebastian. The LLC was registered, and Valhalla Serenity Homestead was born!

Specializing in Oregon Grown Mint, Rabbits, and Chickens on their farm in Southern Oregon. Raising livestock with love, positive intentions, and sustainable practices. Valhalla Serenity Homestead also strives in building sustainably across this great State. Specializing in custom home design, and remodeling services.

Offering American Sign Language Based Agricultural & Construction Instructional Lessons In Hopes Of Bringing Equality To Oregons Deaf Community!

Licensed, Bonded, Insured! BBB ACCREDITED!

CCB #240988

Willow went on to found NONI - National Organization OF Non-Invasive Practices, PNW Branch in honor of her deceased baby sister Anniyah Reynolds a.k.a Noni.

(See more under Who Was Noni?)

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