"I have worked with Travis for a little over a year and a half. In that time frame, I have noticed a remarkable difference in my strength and athleticism but more importantly my confidence in a gym setting. I came in as a runner who was interested in trying strength training but was scared of lifting and ended up as a more rounded athlete who genuinely enjoys lifting and strength training. Travis is very knowledgeable and personable and a great all-around trainer to work with.”

Taylor L.

"In the 12-week program that Hannah wrote for me, I saw great results. I struggle to finish and complete workout programs, but this program made it easy to understand and complete and kept my body guessing. I have limited use of my right arm but the exercises were all adjusted to what I am able to do and any questions or adjustments I needed to make were clarified. I saw results early in the program and the end results were great. I’ll be doing this program again at some point."

Jojo M.

My name is Bob S. and I have been working with Hannah as my personal trainer for the past year. I am 71 years and play a lot of golf but have some physical restrictions. Hannah is terrific at creating multiple training sessions increasing my strength and flexibility considering those restrictions. I requested that she incorporate golf exercises in the sessions which she has done through research and the use of videos. She is always prepared for each session and does an excellent job keeping me engaged. I would strongly recommend her as a personal trainer to anyone who wants a smart, engaged, and knowledgeable personal trainer."

Robert S.