Jill Kohne

Local Flower Farmer, Tallangatta Victoria

I'm an avid & keen gardener, a wife, a mum, and I also care for my daughter Jane, who suffers a terminal rare genetic disorder...called Sanfilippo Syndrome, and I've survived a 36 week stillborn experience.
Through my grief I find great comfort in nature, and in all the beauty it provides. I hand sow all seeds, seed save, propagate, then care and nurture all seedlings to produce flowers and foliage that are truly loved along their journey. I bundle these loved stems into bunches for their next journey.... to you...so enjoy their beauty.....every moment and every stem!
'Flowers can say something that words cannot' (quote unknown) so whether you're purchasing for yourself or a loved one, please be assured my flowers, each and every one are grown
with a purpose.
With Love Jill x

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