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About Us

Welcome to Eyes on Aiken, where we're on a mission to transform Aiken into the ultimate place to live, work, and grow. Our vision is clear: fostering collaboration, participation, engagement, and empowerment within our neighborhoods and communities. By bringing the community together and organizing engaging events like neighborhood cleanups, we aim to enhance the overall quality of life in Aiken.

Company Background

Picture a Friday morning with a gray, overcast sky - but the enthusiasm of Washington Circle residents remained undiminished as they united to beautify their neighborhood. The architects of this initiative were the founders of Eyes on Aiken, Teresa Callahan and LaShaun Hamilton-Ryans. Their main goal is to maintain the neighborhood's charm, and Eyes On Aiken strives to achieve this by uniting the community through events like cleanup drives.

Image Gallery

Check out our past events and the difference we're making in Aiken through our community engagement efforts:

Event 1: Washington Circle Cleanup

Event 2: Neighborhood Gardening

Event 3: Community Gathering

Join Our Community Efforts

Eyes on Aiken invites you to be a part of our journey to make Aiken the best place it can be. We believe in the power of collective action - small efforts that, when combined, create a significant impact. If you're passionate about our cause and would like to participate, collaborate, or contribute in any way, please reach out to us at Together, let's create a lasting positive impact in our beloved Aiken!

Bianca Moorman
Aiken Standard Reporter

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