Hilali Tradings

For wholesale foodstuffs, beverages, frozen, canned food etc.

Hilali Trading is among the leading wholesaler in Saudi Arabia with the service experience over 15years. Exquisite range of products serving grocery stores, restaurents and hotels.
We sell thousands of verity products from Saudi Arabia and imported products


FROZEN ITEMS (all major frozen items like chicken,beef,vegetables,burgers and cheeses)

RICES (all major branded rices like shahalan,abukas,abubinth,omaco and sunwhite. also avaiable barmal and kernal rices)

DETERGENTS (major brand like tide,ariel,bonux,extra white and every daily need soap products)

BEVERAGES, JUICES & LONG LIFE MILK (pepsi,redbull,codered and hundreds of refreshing drinks of every brands.long life milk like nadec marai and safi)

TOBACCO (you can have all major and legal tobacco items)

ASIAN FOODS (major indonesian,philipine,and thailand products are available. in makarona branch only)

CATERING SIZE PRODUCTS (exclusively profitable big packings are also available)