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How our Hot Tub life started

When we bought our house a few years ago it came with a hot tub on the back deck. How cool it was that we had one of life’s luxuries but however knew nothing about it. We slowly started getting in the hot tub on the weekends or when I was cold I would hop in there. Quickly, we both found that it was becoming our comfort zone not just for relaxing but discussing problems or just having fun relaxing. We’ve talked, laughed, cried and argued. Through the years we have made it a priority in our life to unwind from the day or week. This is our safe place to go when we have something important that needs discussed as well. It doesn't matter if it's raining, snowing, cold or hot. Time fly's when we’re in it so much that our teenage daughter has scolded us for it. You guys need to get out! Lol
So, with all this being said, We’ve decided to start this page for fun! We’re married friends dealing and talking through life’s challenges. We're faced with the same day to day ups and downs that everyone else is in this great big world.
We feel strongly that it’s how you communicate with each other.
We listen, talk, party , count satellites in the sky together…in the hot tub!