Corinthians Hamilton

Founder & COO

Mr. Corinthians Hamilton brings over 15 years of expertise in program management, contract management, supply chain optimization, and logistics to his role as Chief Operating Officer and Founder of JC Hamilton Management Consulting. In his distinguished career managing complex projects for the military, Mr. Hamilton gained extensive experience in budget and personnel management, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, inventory control systems, and process improvement.

Leveraging his background serving in critical leadership positions with the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence and the 401st Army Field Support Brigade, Mr. Hamilton provides strategic oversight of JC Hamilton's daily operations, talent acquisition, client relations, and growth initiatives. His specialized skills in causal analysis, procedural development, and customer service enable the firm to deliver unparalleled solutions that enhance productivity, mitigate risks, and drive sustainable success for clients.

Mr. Hamilton is a hands-on leader devoted to disciplined program execution and continuous improvement, he is committed to pushing JC Hamilton Management Consulting to new heights in management consulting excellence.