I'm Juandalyn Lassiter your local INSURANCE Broker. With the knowledge I have achieved, I will make it my duty to secure the perfect insurance policy packed with the protection you deserve. First allow me to introduce myself. This is my first year in the life insurance industry. I strive to enlighten my clients while doing my best to ensure they find a policy that fit into your budget and leave their love ones with a peace of mind and a secure future. I will be as comprehensible as possible, as Insurance policies can be challenging to comprehend on the best days. So, let's make it uncomplicated, together. Ask me questions, and reach out to set up an appointment with me today!

Life Insurance Broker

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For True Peace of Mind, leave your family with the gift of financial security
At JDL Securing Futurz, we want to help you protect the most precious things in your life. Since 2022 we’ve put our clients firmly at the forefront of our competitive Life Insurance Agency. It’s what sets us apart from the competition.

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