Chevelle Marie

Owner of Mama Sweets Home Bakery

Hey everyone! My names Chevelle and I’m currently a stay at home mom of 2, my oldest is about to be five and my youngest just turned 4 months. Baking has always been the one thing I loved doing in the kitchen, I would bake for all of our family events, parties, or church events. I’ve been working in the medical field for the last 4 years but being home now I’m wanting to start doing something I really enjoy doing while still being present. With that being said I’ve started Mama sweets to offer specialty flavored desserts and baked goods, for right now I’ll be working out of my home but the ultimate goal is open a brick and mortar store front down the road. I will be posting updates as they come! Thank you for the support, ordering is now open!🫶🏼