MedPierce provides ear piercings for all ages in South Jersey. Our Nurse Practitioner owned and operated mobile company provides safe, hygienic, comfortable pediatric piercings, as well as piercing services for male and female pre-teens, teens, adults.
Ear piercing options can be limited and often compromise safety and sterility. Tattoo parlors and mall kiosks can often be intimidating for families of young children.

MedPierce is licensed and insured, and we provide ear piercing in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester county areas, using FDA approved medical piercing equipment. We offer ear piercing for all ages, starting at 3 months, and we specialize in ear piercing for infants and toddlers.

We incorporate surgical standards into all of our safe, sterile ear piercings for infection prevention, minimum discomfort, and positive client outcome. All in the comfort of your own home!