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Jennifer Flamont, LMSW

Evidence Based Mental Health Care, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Training, Nervous System Regulation, MindBody Science

The Ultimate Self Care

Mind Of My Making is built on the premise that all human beings possess the power to change, heal and overcome when they feel safe and connected. We did not evolve to get through life alone. In fact, we are neurologically wired to help one another. So evidence based therapy has to be approachable or it serves no use. Mind Of My Making serves this vital need while offering you the opportunity to learn incredible insights about yourself. In doing so you'll gain insight of others too. Therapy with a skilled and compassionate professional meets the needs of regular people when society doesn't. It is my passion to help individuals acquire the knowledge and methods to move beyond their current limitations and reach their deserved human potential. Why just survive when you were made to thrive?

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