REST Coaching promotes mental wellness through individual coaching and tailoring psycho-education techniques based on each individual's desires, experiences, and goals. Dr. Lewis allows her client's to pace their healing journey and develop skills to manage stressors, cope, and adapt to the accomplishment of desired goals.

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Meet the Owner

Dr. Donisha Lewis, DSW

Donisha Lewis obtained a Doctorate of Social Work degree with skills in crisis intervention, working with trauma survivors, and served as a sexual assault victim advocate for servicemembers. Donisha's experience in trauma-informed care, motivational interviewing, and suicide-preventative methods provide the high-quality mental health service clients deserve.

Donisha's creative approach to connecting with clients is expressive arts. Donisha values self-care and has experience in mindfulness techniques to promote mental wellness, manage stress, enhance focus abilities and cope with anxiety and depression symptoms.

As a mother, Donisha values family relationships and commits to helping individuals and families build healthy relationships. Donisha enjoys being out in nature, running trails, kayaking, and commits to reading and journaling during her self-care routines.

A fun fact, Donisha has traveled to Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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