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Energy Healing (in person & distant)

''I just had a very profound Reiki ~ Ra healing session with @⁨Sarah _ Serenity⁩ who is one of the sweetest and most gentle people I've ever met. I am deeply grateful for what Sarah offers, the session was incredible, we were so connected and she was receiving messages of things that I was going through and internalizing. Truly something I would advise to everyone, especially if you have some blockages. I was even connected to other people and spirits and as I was purging for them Sarah was purging with me. I walked back over the beach as if I was dancing above the sand, yet deeply connected to Pachamama. Soo grateful my beautiful friend and soul sister 🙏🦋 You have such a gift and the way how you share it is incredibly loving. Thank you so so much for your time and talking with me afterwards. We are building some truly special community here, my amazing tribe'' 🙏🌺🦋🌺
Nika - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

''Sarah Serenity recently provided an incredible long distance Reiki/Ra energies session for me.
I had been feeling depleted and after the session my energy levels were much higher and I felt more connected to my environment, myself and higher self. Sarah provided a voice mail telling me what had happened energetically during the session and what she saw as well (beautiful visuals). Sarah has an incredible connection to spirit guides and angelic realms helping to work through blockages and purge unnecessary energies from my chakras. I am so thankful to have received a gorgeous Reiki/Ra energies session from Sarah and completely trust the incredible work she is doing is for the highest and greatest good! I am truly blessed and look forward to receiving her gentle, pure healing energies work through me again. I woke up after an amazing sleep feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Thank you Sarah'' ✨🦋
Alisa - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

''I had my first ever Reiki session with Sarah Serenity whilst I was travelling through Mexico. I had heard and read about Reiki but had never understood the full potential of this healing until my first session on the beach with Sarah. She explained everything clearly from the beginning and made me feel comfortable. During the session I felt super relaxed and calm. I had my eyes closed the whole time. After the session I felt I had a huge release of tension and blocked energy from certain areas of my body and a few days after I had started to feel even lighter and more sensitive to my own body’s energy. Since my first session, I have had a further 4 more sessions with Sarah, each being different every time. I can’t describe well enough how amazing Sarah and her abilities to heal are! She is so passionate about helping people and learning more around healing, you will feel instantly engaged whilst being around her. Thank you for your ongoing help, I look forward to continuing my Reiki journey with you .''😊
Raoul - Sydney, Australia.

“I had my first Reiki session ever with Sarah Serenity and she gently guided me through the process. It was calm, relaxing and she gave me a thorough explanation afterwards as to what happened during our session including what to expect later on. Since then she’s completed several other sessions and each one was different. I appreciate the insights she has given me each time, and it feels good to give my body self-care. I was having terrible headaches and after Reiki with Sarah I felt much better either the same day or when I woke up the next morning. Sometimes she shared a vision she saw, and she also helped me understand what may be the meaning for each area of the body where stuck energy was released. It’s been such a wonderful journey opening myself up to Reiki, and Sarah has inspired me to become Reiki certified for myself. She has such compassion for helping others and you can easily tell this is her passion. We should all find ways to heal ourselves, don’t hesitate on giving this one a try” 😊
Meg - Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

“I had my first ever reiki session with Sarah_Serenity. First she is such a lovely person with a big heart and explained to me in detail what reiki is and how she performs it. My session was at the beach early in the morning in Playa Del Carmen. I went to her because I had a really sore back (muscle inflammation) top to bottom that I couldn’t sleep for the last 3 days. During the session I could feel the energy and she told me it is RA healing energy and she then told me that a Celestial/Archangel came to her to help with the healing, apparently I had blocked energies. She thought it was one of her angels that normally communicates with her, but it wasn't, she told me that it was Archangel Chamuel. 🥰 The whole experience was just beautiful. Later that day in the evening I felt so much better and was able to sleep like a baby. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much Sarah.” 🙏🏼😊
Frank - Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

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Serenity Quantum Energy Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki, is the union of two Japanese words – Rei (Universal) and Ki (Energy). It’s essentially an energy-based healing technique whereby the healer (Reiki practitioner) becomes a conduit for Universal energy. In a balanced and loving state, the healer then channels that energy to and through their patient (aka. attunee) to help their own ability to heal emotionally and/or physically.
The ‘founder’ of the technique we use as Reiki practitioners was a Japanese doctor named Mikao Usui, who lived around the turn of 20th century.
He recognized the power of Reiki when he went on a self-discovery where he fasted for 21 days. On the last day, then went into a deep state of meditation or unconsciousness after Reiki rushed towards his third eye.
It was while he was in this state that the Reiki symbols were shown to him. He then travelled throughout Japan and China teaching his technique and the Reiki Principles.
Before he died in 1926 Dr. Chujiro Hayashi was elevated to a Master and then taught Mrs. Hawayo Takata. And now the legacy of continuing to teach this practice continues on with you.