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Hello Springfield, allow us to introduce ourselves, we’re Chelsea and Alexis, self taught culinary creators. We love to cook & bake and now, hope to fill a niche here in our town, baked to order Poundcakes in 5 different flavors (Original, Kentucky Butter Rum, Lemon, Caramel, Burnt Brown Sugar Spiced) with more to come. We don't just want to be Good, we want to be Great! Therefore, our goal is to serve here in our local area to concentrate on quality and customer service. If your looking for a homemade Poundcake that takes you to your happy place, then run, don’t walk and place your order at, Sift Stir Bake Poundcake!
Please give at least 48 hour notice for all purchases, NO EXCEPTIONS !!!

Disclaimer: Our cakes are produced in a home kitchen not inspected by a health department that may also process common food allergens such as milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, nuts and tree nuts

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Flavors: {Original} {Kentucky butter rum} {Caramel} {Lemon} {Burnt brown sugar spice}

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