Michael O. Barrett

Chief Operating Officer

Solutions for Distribution provides your operation with the expertise and support to unlock the potential in all areas and improve your bottom-line.

We are your go to for maximum results as we design solutions specifically for your organization. We are hands on when partnering your needs while aligning with key performance indicators that are important to your operation’s success.

Performance-based Partnership
Overall Improved Productivity
Reduced time and Labor Costs
Highly Skilled Experienced Leadership and Talented Associates

Solutions for Distribution has extensive experience covering multiple industries, including operating a range of material handling equipment, and utilizing various WMS systems.
Solutions for Distribution’s exceptional approach to your organization’s operational needs represents a superior option to on-demand solutions.

About Us
We have over 20 plus years in various distribution and warehouse service environments with extensive leadership and management expertise. We provide only top-notch personnel and quality services. Specializing in all aspects of warehousing and distribution.

Compliance Coaching and Distribution Services
Leading the way with connections. Applying expertise in execution and assisting your operation to achieve unparalleled success.

• Forklift Trainer and Instructor
Industrial equipment maintenance set up. OSHA compliant Forklift operators. Instruct classes on proper use and safety. Hands on equipment training and follow-up to ensure best practices.
• Inventory Control
Preparation for Audits. Conduct regularly scheduled cycle counts.
• Systems Trainer/Best Practices
We become experts on your systems and teach proper use of them.
• Leadership Training Support
Work alongside leadership teams to provide coaching tips to build morale and maximize effort. Fill in for leadership, long or short-term.
• Special Projects
Handle all aspects of your special projects in a timely manner.
• OSHA Compliance
Ensure the entire facility is compliant with OSHA standards.
• Start Ups/Decommissioning
Work alongside staff to set up, relocate, or close your facility.