South Coast Medical Solutions

Need to know first aid don’t like going in venues with strangers why not do in your own home

All trainers are DBS checked and fully trained most are health care professionals that have real word experience of performing first aid in the community, and can pass there knowledge on, and enjoy what they do , we believe that the more people of any age that know first aid the more lives can be saved,

South coast medical solutions offers fun and fear-free first aid courses designed specifically for parents and child carers. In a two hour class, which can takes place in your own home or a local venue, the world of emergency first aid which we keep simple to what you need to know, as a parents, grandparents and care givers interact and learn the skills they need to save a life and to treat the most common accidents and emergencies. Children are very welcome too as your never to young to lean. If your are interested in taking part in one of are course please contact use as we can make a bespoke course for your needs.