Subdue Apothecary

Welcome to our communication page!

Genesis 1:28 God commands man to "subdue the earth". Our name, Subdue Apothecary, reflects God's design for man to use and benefit from His perfect creation of plants and herbs. We provide safe and clean products that forgo using harmful chemicals and use, instead, various plants with natural curative properties that achieve external and internal benefits.

The People Behind the Name:
Leah is our genius in designing and mixing products. Her extensive research on herbal benefits leads to products that have so many great qualities for the user. Many of the flowers and herbs used in products are grown in her own garden to maintain purity. She is now retired, but previously worked in the NICU and has raised 5 boys with her husband.

Courtney works to fulfill orders and maintain social media output for Subdue. She has worked in therapeutic recreation settings but now stays home with her daughter and is expecting a boy in the fall.