The Heavy Family

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It all started with me, HeavyYanni. In 2015 I joined an OG Roblox game called ' mining inc ".
That is where I met HackProFightMan, the start of the Heavy Family Generation. We were such good friends, we played every day, called every day... Then I proposed an interesting idea, what if he could change his name to HeavyBanni? He liked the idea but didn't have any Robux to change his name at the time, so I decided to pay him 1000 Robux to change his name. Then it all began from there, HeavyBanni is the 2nd Heavy in existence from our family. Then Banni's friend came along and proposed changing his name as well. This was the third ever Heavy. During 2015-2020 nothing changed however things started to turn....
My childhood best friends Tovenaatgigi007 and laytonclauw ( cousins) joined the Roblox roleplay. I as well proposed to change their name, and they gladly accepted after I gave them the Robux. After a few months, Tovenaatgigi007 changed his name to HeavyLanni and laytonclauw became the first non-Heavy-anni member and was called HeavyClauw. In 2021 the most new Heavy members joined us such as HeavyTanni, HeavyDanni, Nanni, Xanni, Vanni, and more.... We were growing extremely fast!
I hosted giveaways, had a youtube channel, hosted events.., everything to make the community happy.
Unfortunately in 2021, we gave up on our group... I had no more motivation to continue, because of exams and IRL situations.
HeavyLanni wanted to reopen the group in 2023 and asked HeavyYanni, he agreed and now we've reopened the group. We are going to try to make a comeback story and to attract more people in our community where events will happen and of course Robux giveaways!
New members are joining 24/7 and we hope to grow as much as we can!