Unsung Opera is an interdisciplinary collaboration of performers and scholars to stage and record historical operas written by women. These works were influential in their own time but were unjustly kept out of traditional repertoire, and thus they have never been recorded. The project culminates on April 30, 2023, & May 1st, 2023 with performances of the selected works at the FAR Center in Bloomington, IN.

Because the operas engage with important feminist issues, we will work with local womens’ organizations throughout rehearsals, so these historical works can truly serve our current community. The production needs your support through donations, and the final performances will be recorded and published online for free, to benefit existing scholarship and opera lovers everywhere. Our company is making vital progress to break down the biases and limits of opera, so we can cultivate an industry where previously-stifled voices are heard.

Our current goal is $5,000, please consider making a donation!

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