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What is a Kangal?🐶🐕🐾The Kangal Shepard Dog is a large, rare, stunning dog with a balanced structure. Males having a larger strong head. However both males and females share an athletic, muscular build. The coat is short, thick and dense. Giving this special Breed a waterproof, windproof undercoat designed to protect the Kangal from harsh weather conditions.

Kangal Shepard Dogs are known for their patience and loyalty towards their human family. Protecting them as well as other pets and children. However, they can be territorial and protective of their loved ones and may show aggression towards strangers or perceived threats. They have a long lifespan for a Large/Giant Breed ranging between 12 and 15 years. Standard Body Weight Ranges Females: 88–110 lbs (40–50 kg), Males: 110–130 lbs (48–60 kg)

The most muscular dog breed globally, with a bite force of 743 PSI. A truly spectacular breed!

Keeping this in mind the Kangal is Not your average everyday dog. Making wonderful Livestock Guardians as their Breed was designed for. We here at Valhalla Serenity Homestead find our Kangals make wonderful family Guardians as well! This being said we constantly work with our dogs on the farm. This Breed needs daily Love, Socialization, and A Job!

Is the Kangal Shepard Dog right for me?

From personal experience there was hesitation when deciding if this fierce, protective, and loyal Breed was right for us. However, we have yet to look back! Coming from Portland Oregon originally and having our first Big Dog in the city. In the City in a small Apartment 10 out of 10 we wouldn't recommend. We lived in a small apartment, with our Llexi girl, but we had a plan! Already planning to start our small farm we knew we needed a Big Dog. Not just any dog. A dog that can stand hot summers, extremely cold winters, kids, and livestock. That's when we found the Kangal! In the city it was better than having a Husky, but still our girl wanted to run! So we finally got the courage to move our small family across state to the farm full time!

Expanding the Herd!

We knew at this point that this Breed was for us. We were %1000 dedicated, and knew we wanted to expand, so along came Rollex! After researching the best of the BEST of the BEST we found Wolf Land Serbia Kangal Dogs, and met Vuk. An amazing man from Serbia who Bred, and shipped our Male all the way from his homeland 🐾🐾🐾 Together with Llexi we started this breeding program here in America, and with Vuks approval 🙌🫶🙌 we take pride in our farm, family, and friends! Please do take the time and research this Breed. They are wonderful, goofy, jaw dropping Dogs and they deserve the BEST of homes. Thank you for taking the time to read 📚

🐾 What You'll Get 🐾

Each Puppy comes with a "Kangal Care Chest" This will be a custom made Wooden Chest containing the following ✨️ Newborn Photos ✨️ Weekly Growth Chart ✨️ First 9wks Photo Book ✨️ Handmade Furbaby Blanket ✨️ Handmade Collar ✨️ Paw Prints ✨️ VSH About Kangal Shepard Dog Mini Book ✨️ Vet Records ✨️ Pedigree (with purchase of Pedigree) ✨️Birth Certificate ✨️ Thank You Gift/Card ✨️ Copy of Purchaser Agreement and Receipt * Names can be added to wooden chest, collar, and blanket please contact VSH for information*

💲 Pricing 💲

All Puppies Purchased Have A Spay & Neuter Contract Unless Otherwise Specified In Their Contract.

Holiday Special Pricing!

ALL Puppies Minimum 9wks Old
Delivery Avaliable ANYWHERE In USA

$1,000 Deposit required to reserve puppy & to show commitment. This will cover initial vet appointments, vaccinations, and deworming as recommended by vet. Deposit is nonrefundable so please make sure you are committed to your puppy.

Sale Pricing ENDS November 1st!

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