WRIGHT SIDE OF THE FENCE LLC is a network of consultants who provide personal assistance to incarcerated individuals, affording them the opportunity to maintain a civil presence outside of confinement.
Our services are special because we provide relevance to the incarcerated population by giving them a presence in the outside world, and because we personally assist them in all of their needs and requests. The incarcerated populaton, as a whole, is deemed insignificant and irrelevant, and in legal dictionaries, this particular insignificance is termed "Civil Death" and/or "Civil Disability." Our aim is to keep the incarcerated population civilly alive and able, and in sync with society because these same incarcerated individuals are our families, friends, and loved ones.
Due to the false ideology of incarcerated individuals being civilly dead and disabled, our communities have collectively fallen into the trap of believing thta incarcerated peopl are in no need of the services which WRIGHT SIDE OF THE FENCE LLC provides. However, that has proven to be untrue, and furthermore, has contributed to recidivism and other negative affects.

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