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HCP Technologies LLC was founded in 2014. The founder and CEO of the company is Henry Huynh, a Vietnamese refugee back in 1975.

HCP Technologies LLC has hired over 900 career professionals since the company were established.

HCP Technologies LLC has partnering up with 3 best well-seasoned experience teams with knowledge understanding staffing procurement in their industry; Best LLC is focused in (IT Project Management Innovation), Nance Staffing is focused staffing across the board (Executives, IT, Engineers, Financials, and Sales), and Curehire (Hospitals and Health Care)

HCP Technologies LLC has teamed up 10 excellent recruiters ready to hit the ground running with any of the client's opened demand requisitions to be filled, plus each of our recruiter having their own specialties and strengths with recruitment methodologies in each of their specialized field(s). Our recruiters have more than 10+ years of working experience across the boards including:

• Non-Cleared and Cleared space candidates up to TS-SCI/CI Poly.
• Subject Matter Expert (SME), Program Manager, Project Manager, and Project Analyst
• Information Technology (Machine Learning Engineer, Artificial Intelligent Engineer, Product Owner, Dev Ops, Azure Architecture, Data Architect, Data Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Software Development (front end and back end), Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, Systems Admins, Data Warehousing, SQL DBA, QA Specialist, QA Tester, etc.).
• Policy Analyst, Policy Advisors, Security Advisors, HR Analytics Support, Strategy Management Analyst, etc.
• Hospital & Health Care (Critical Care RN, Floating RN, ICU RN, Emergency Room RN, Operating Room R, Medical Surgical RN, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant,
• Financial Analyst, Financial Advisor.
• Executive Admins, Assistant Admins, Sales Associates (Software Sales, Aircraft Sales, etc.).