Kevin L. Simmons

Founder & CEO

KLS Marketing provides strategic marketing and management services for individuals and businesses.
We offer promotional advertisement to include branding, event promotion, professional consultation
& development, campaign organization as well as applied business strategies.

Our Services
Branding – KLS will distinguish your company or department through clear messaging for the goods and
services you offer.
Event Promotion – KLS will promote and suggest events and programming for your division or
organization to a target audience within the larger community to include the participation in local,
regional and state events.
Professional Consultation and Development – KLS will offer advice and brainstorming sessions related to
your division or organization’s needs. KLS will assist your company or organization with proven marketing
strategies related to curated professional development, communication strategies, and staff support.
Campaign Organization – KLS will provide effective strategies for promoting and advertising your division
or organization’s upcoming events and programs to include team building activities, photo opportunities,
website ingenuity and more.
Applied Business Strategies – KLS will implement effective and proven business practices to help your
division or organization to attain its highest potential and achieve targeted goals to include leveraging
the goals and targets of your strategic plan.