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We are a husband and wife teacher team who want to help kids attain total self-reliance. We believe that nimble hands shape nimble minds, and that schools no longer teach life skills necessary for independence.

Heather has a Master’s degree in Education and over ten years of teaching experience. She has written over 12 curriculums for science, math, art, history and ELA. She loves the energy of a classroom, the creativity teaching allows and knowing that she can inspire young minds. She feels that a classroom is symbiotic in the sense that she learns and unlearns just as much as her students do.

Ryan is a Master Knife Maker and Blacksmith by day. He also teaches woodworking and leather crafting. He has built homes from the ground up. Out of necessity he is self-taught in electrical work, plumbing, car mechanics and tool making. He believes that the elimination of vocational skills in public education is a travesty. And that the rich imagination and creativity gleaned from craftsmanship is priceless.

Together we want to teach your students how to think, not what to think. We promise to make each day full of creativity, movement, mindfulness, laughter and an education nowhere else can provide.