Sound Soul Presents: Chapter One

The Women’s Moral Reset is all about creating that divine sisterhood that the world is in need of. Everyday we as women are striving for perfection, equality and freedom, when it doesn’t have to be this way. The divinity of being a woman is the foundation for it all and life is full of ups and downs for everybody yet we as women attack one another to feel ashamed, inadequate and stressed with things that are all apart of each and every single one of our journeys. This chapter is focused on creating that true sisterhood like the lionesses who support each other on the hunt because the reality is majority of us women all want the same things and who's to say we don't deserve it? We should want for our sisters what we want for ourselves so what is with the endless competition and judgment ? Society is at an all time level of confusion and I believe it just proves the importance of women, we are in need of great divine female leaders. Your journey, your destiny is yours to walk. Expect the raw truth here, in discussions, poetry and writing. You are free to be and heal who you are. The only dress code for this chapter here is for you to unveil the mask of who you show the world you are and to get into the depths of the divine lioness waiting to come out and shine in all her authenticity.

Your Soul Sister